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7th Floor, the leader in fully custom, superior quality vaporizers.  For 8 Years we havebeen extremely passionate about vaporizing, always pursuring the highest quality, most effective vaporizers in the world.  WE ARE YOU. Your health is as important to you as it is to us, so our goal from day one was to build the cleanest, strongest, most effectivevapes on the planet.   We build your vaporizer to last a lifetime... @ 7th Floor, we don't do flavor of the month.  EVER.  We want the vape you buy today to be the vape you use.. forever.  If your looking for the newest untested plastic fantastic vape that will break in six months, there are other sites for that.  We believe strongly you should be able to customize your glass exactly as yousee fit.  Our team of 13 expert glass blowers can dial inexactly what you are looking for.  Team colors? Special designs and adaptations?  Never-before seen creations?  At 7th Floor, the only limit is your imagination!

 “SSV is all I need. I don't own anything else, nor do I care too.. there is no better way”
























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